Ancol Ergo Mat Splitter

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Ancol Ergo Mat Splitter

The Mat Splitter easily slices through mats and tangles to gently remove them from your dog’s coat. How to use the Mat Splitter 1. Use a brush or comb to go through your dog’s coat to locate mats and tangles. 2. Place the base of the Mat Splitter on your dog’s skin. Keep the Mat Splitter at an upright angle. 3. With the tapered guide next to the mat, gently slide the Mat Splitter forwards into the mat. Be careful not to dig the Mat Splitter into the skin, this will cause discomfort. 4. Move the Mat Splitter gently back and forth until it has cut through the mat. Do not use excessive force, work slowly and gently until the mat is removed. Warning: This product contains a sharp blade. Please take care when using this product. Never use the Mat Splitter on folded skin or loose skin. Never lift or pull at your pet’s fur while using the Mat Splitter. Never use the mat splitter at an angle. Make sure your dog is calm and still while you use the Mat Splitter. Keep this product away from children


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